February 20, 2019


By HampersWithBite

If you are looking for a gift for an alcoholic beverage connoisseur look no further than Hampers with Bite. Not only are we lovers of wine, but we call on experts to select some of the finest spirits for our hampers. Read below to see some great gift ideas for the spirit lovers in your life!

The Bourbon Edition

A delicious toast to any occasion and a perfect gift for your corporate clients. The hero of this hamper, the bourbon whiskey, with the accompanying decanter and whiskey classes, will ensure this gift hamper is not forgotten. Maker’s Mark Kentucky is a hand-made bourbon using old style methods that have been used for centuries. It’s unique and full-flavoured, and every bottle is hand-dipped in red wax to give it a truly distinctive appeal.

The Scotch Edition

What better way to treat your staff and say a big thank you for all the great work they do! The hero of this hamper, the scotch whiskey, with the accompanying decanter and whiskey classes, is sure to impress and make them feel very appreciated. Distilled since 1897, Glen Moray includes a subtle Speyside malt and is matured in oak casks producing a whisky which is light gold in colour and gently spiced with fruity butterscotch notes.

The Gin Edition

There’s nothing that says “wow” like a beautiful bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin, served out of its own decanter. This gift hamper is sure to impress anyone who sets their eyes on it. The incomparable taste of Bombay Sapphire is the result of ten carefully selected botanical ingredients coupled with a unique distillation process. Considered one of the worlds true icon gin’s, it is the perfect way to begin the legendary cocktails, the Martini and the G&T.

The Canadian Club Edition

Know a whiskey lover? This is the perfect gift hamper for them, so good in fact that you won’t want to give it away! Made since 1858, Canadian Club is one of the world’s most recognisable brands. Paired with a premium decanter and glasses this hamper oozes sophistication. Made since 1858, Canadian Club was first distilled by Hirem Walker and quickly became of the world’s most recognisable brands. Delivering a smooth, light flavor, it is the embodiment of a whisky with the widest appeal.
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