February 3, 2021

5 Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder

By HampersWithBite

Looking to increase your daily productivity? The secret is to work smarter, not harder. Check out our five top tips below to create high quality work with less fatigue!

#1 Eat the frog

Mark Twain once said that if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long. A strange phrase to keep in mind, however your “frog” is actually your biggest, most important task, the one you are most likely to procrastinate on if you don’t do something about it. Complete this one first and spend the rest of the day in bliss.

#2 Time limits

It’s time to really be frank with yourself. How long should a certain task reasonably take you? Without a time limit, some tasks that are more simple can be dragged out as we allow ourselves to take our time. Instead, give yourself a dedicated block of time that the task should be completed in and you are much more likely to finish it!

#3 Switch off

This is especially helpful for those who have to manage their own time or work for themselves. Whilst you are the boss, or you are a work from home freelancer, you also cannot be contactable at all times of the day. Otherwise you will never get any work done! It’s time to unplug the internet connection, switch your phone on aeroplane mode and get down to business.

#4 Out of office

Following on is the handy tool that is your out of office email. Letting your colleagues know that you are not contactable at the moment keeps you in control of your time. In 2019 everybody is reachable at all times via the internet and mobile phones, take control back and politely let those you email you know that you are dedicating time to some nitty gritty work and you will reply to them when you are back online.

#5 Delegate

As a to-do list gets longer and longer it can sometimes feel like it will never end. Instead of wallowing in work, it’s time to reach out for help. If you have access to a team of staff, or the budget to hire interns/freelance staff, take advantage of this! Not only will you free up your own time for more important tasks, but other staff may be grateful for new learning experiences.
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