February 3, 2021

5 Office Manager Gifts That Are Better Than a Gift Card

By HampersWithBite

We know you’re tired of sending gift cards that are destined to be spent on something the recipient doesn’t really want. We are all guilty of freaking at the last moment and buying something unnecessary when a gift card expiry date is approaching. Not to mention, trying to pick a gift card for a store you know your manager shops at is tough enough!
Buying for an office manager is difficult – it has to impress but is still important that is it appropriate and not too generous. Here at Hampers With Bite we scoured the internet and create a list of gift ideas with originality and thoughtfulness.


This gift may not be the first thing that comes to mind when buying for a manager, but speakers make an awesome gift for almost anyone! You do not need to know or guess what type of music someone is into, but if they are into music (which most are!). Grab a few colleagues to all chip in!

Monogrammed Office Supplies

You may think office supplies as a gift have been done and hold no originality – and you’re right! However why not spice it up a bit with monogrammed stationery. Personalising something is a lovely way to make office supplies seem meaningful and more of a keepsake. Something like a personalised tablet case would make the perfect gift for any manager! Keeping it personal but also appropriate!


Why not have a think about your manager’s hobbies and interests? A few of the staff could chip in for a membership for a sports team like the Australian Football League (AFL) or community like the Melbourne Arts Centre.


A hamper is an easy way for a group of staff from the office to show their appreciation for their manager! Instead of each individual member trying to find a budget friendly small gift, pull your resources together and choose a hamper that incorporates all their favourite food or drink – what better way of showing you know and appreciate someone!


Alcohol is always a crowd pleaser! A bottle of someone’s favourite Shiraz, or a 6-pack of their favourite locally brewed beer can show someone you know them well. Obviously if your manager does not drink, altering this to their favourite foods or non-alcoholic beverages works well also!
Good luck with your gifts and happy shopping! We hope  this guide will help you pick the perfect gift to remind your manager how much you appreciate them!
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