Read below to find the ultimate Christmas gift basket list to create cherished memories with your staff.

The holiday season is just about knock on our doors and it’s time to start thinking about gifting for your staff and loved ones. Whether you work in a boutique agency or a corporate affair, giving gifts to your staff is a perfect reminder of your appreciation for hard work and dedication they’ve put in all year round. Our Christmas gift hampers are always a huge hit and ordering can be done right from the comfort of your office. You can also opt for a bulk order with branded trimmings, all within your budget. Do these gift hampers work for you? Check them out and see.

Chocolate and some more chocolate:

Christmas and chocolate have long been paired and for good reason. Because, they bring the ultimate combination of cosy evenings and indulgences. You don’t have to think about the kind of wine your staff likes (which can lead to more stress than is warranted). All you need is get them a hamper oozing sweet goodness – who doesn’t love chocolate? Moreover, make the hamper the centre of a work party and bond over your shared love for sticky, sweet goodness! For that purpose, you can choose Snack Sensation Basket, Chocolate Wonderland (featured below) or The Stocking Filler to add a fun element to the professional life. It will showcase your lighter side and bring you the opportunity to form closer relationships with your team members.

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Cheese and wine:

Name a better duo, I dare you. With the melting cheesy goodness and the sparkly wine, your office Christmas party is sure to be the talk of the industry. This is the perfect chance to unwind with your colleagues with a glass of wine in hand and a bit of cheese on your tongue. These hampers come with a wooden cheese board that serves as a constant reminder of your support and consideration for your staff even when the day is long over. Spread tonnes of good joy by gifting The Cheeseboard Grazer, Cheeseboard of Choice (featured below) and other such options!

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Go Gourmet:

Finally, we all know gourmet snack hampers are the solution to all. They bring in the ultimate goodness of perfect mixes of crunchy snacks with the chewy ones. Moreover, gourmet hampers say a lot about your professionalism and are a perfect gift for staff and the boss. You can also customize the hamper by choosing the items of your choice and pairing them up according to your budget.

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