October 17, 2018

10 Office Exercises To Do At Your Desk



10 Office Exercises To Do At Your Desk

While you won’t get to the Olympics this way, it is really important to keep gentle exercise and movement a part of your daily office work routine. Studies have shown that sitting down for eight hours or more in a day can be detrimental to our health, however by moving for only a few minutes each hour we can improve our health dramatically.

As a manager or supervisor it is also important to include some fresh air and movement into your workers daily routines not only to help with their health, but also to improve creativity, productivity and reduce sick days!

Check them off from our trusty list below:

  1. Walk around the block

    This isn’t at your desk exactly, but if you or your staff would rather not stand up in front of others and work it out, a trusty five minute walk around the block will get their heart pumping and brain back in action.

  2. Arm circles

    Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, or even still sitting in your chair, stretch your arms out into a T shape and complete twenty small circles with your palms facing upwards, and twenty small circles with your palms facing downwards. This activates arm muscles that might have only been typing all day.

  3. Standing desk

    If specific exercises aren’t your thing it is an awesome idea to request a standing desk from your workplace. The simple act of standing to complete your work for even just one hour a day can help blood flow dramatically.

  4. Calf raises

    One to complete at your standing desk is some simple calf raises. Raise your heels off of the floor until you are on your toes and slowly lower yourself back down, doing three sets of ten raises.

  5. Oblique twists

    It’s crunch time! Sitting with your feet flat on the floor, position hand behind the head and bring one knee up towards the opposite elbow. Repeat this, twisting your body downwards to meet your knee, moving through a straight seated position in between each repetition. Complete fifteen twists on each side.

  6. Tricep dips

    Ditch the wheelie chair for this one! Once you’ve found a stationary chair place both hands on the edge until you are holding yourself outwards in a sitting position. Then slowly bend your elbows to lower your body several inches, and then straighten arms to rise back up. Complete twenty of these to feel the burn.

  7. Neck rolls

    It’s time to stretch it out. Some simple neck rolls, five one way and five the opposite way, is great to relieve neck tension that can build up over the day.

  8. Shoulder rolls

    Team up the neck rolls with some equally as great shoulder rolls. Ten towards the back, and ten to the front, and also help relieve neck and shoulder tension.

  9. Upper back stretch

    Holding your arms straight out in front of you in your seat, palms facing downwards, lower your head to be in line with your shoulders and arms. Hold this stretch for three deep breaths to feel a light stretch in the upper back area.

  10. Wrist stretch

    If your office job has you doing a lot of typing it can feel great to stretch out your wrists a couple of times a day. Whilst standing, place both hands on your desk with fingers facing towards your body and slightly lean forward until you feel the tension release.


Not only will these light exercises and stretches help with keeping your body in tip top shape, but they also mean that hitting up Friday night drinks is totally worth it! Right?! Check out our website to stock up your office for Friday night or your next office party with our range of handy hampers full of gourmet goodies and amazing Australian beverages.



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Why choose Hampers with Bite for your Christmas Hampers in 2019?

Updated 24ᵗʰ Sep 2019

The time of joy, jingles and jumpers! The Christmas celebrations are all about giving and receiving. Putting smiles on every face and sharing joyful memories call for a perfect treat and gift. But the trickiest part is choosing the right item for your loved ones and that is where we come in. We, at Hampers with Bite, understand the need of a standard service to present you with the ideal gift solution: Christmas hampers.
In this article, we bring you the answers to the following queries:

  • What is a Christmas Hamper?
  • Who Should I Buy a Christmas Hamper For?
  • Can I Give My Clients an Xmas Hamper?
  • Do You Offer Wine Gift Hampers?
  • How Do I Choose a Good Christmas Hamper?
  • Why choose a sweet hamper for celebration?
  • Can I Buy Your Hampers in Bulk?
  • Do You Deliver Australia-Wide?
  • Can I Create My Own Christmas Hamper?
  • Do you offer corporate branding?
  • Can I have a gift card with my hamper?
  • What are your branding costs?
  • Can I make amendments to my hamper?
  • What comes in my hamper?
  • How long will my order take?
  • How do you keep hampers safe in transit?
  • Do you offer tracking for your hampers?

What is a Christmas hamper?

Keeping up with the traditions, a Christmas hamper is basically a custom basket with the seasonal classics and specials. From seasonal food items like chocolate, Christmas pudding or cheese to the non-perishable accessories like an expresso maker, tea towels and candles anything can be added to the gift hamper to spark up the true Christmas spirit. Hampers have no boundaries. They are a complete assortment of small, happy items based on the personality traits of the receiver.
All you have to do is think out of the box. There are a million ideas as to what would go together. If you’re planning to go for a ‘morning coffee’ theme, then add a classic saucer along with fancy cocoa products. And so, sky is the limit!.
The flexibility of choices is what renders Christmas hampers an ideal gift for the end-of-the-year festivities, triggering the holiday joy in a beautiful way.
"A Christmas hamper speaks volumes of your love for your parents. Add their favourite winter items to the hamper to warm up the celebrations, and to cherish those magical moments"

Who should I buy a Christmas hamper for?

If you’re overwhelmed by a long list of Christmas gift targets, then it would be wise to narrow them down to the most prior ones. Sit back and make a list of the ones who are closest to you, and for whom you want to go an extra mile. That includes your parents and partners, clients and colleagues, better halves and best friends. Choose the Christmas hampers that reflect each personality. For example, select ‘hamper for him’ or ‘hamper for her’ to surprise your spouse or partner this holiday season, and make the most out of traditions.
If you want to target your boss, then choose the one with conventional eateries and a classic drink to earn those huge smiles. A Christmas hamper speaks volumes of your love for your parents. Add their favourite winter items to the hamper to warm up the celebrations, and to cherish those magical moments.
A hamper can be gifted to every person according to his or her preference as long as you know them well enough to gift them what they desire. The customised hampers are an ideal gift option for all varieties of tastes and budgets. There is absolutely no rule of how big or small a hamper should be, so you can play around with countless options to gift your parents, friends, colleagues, clients or even neighbours. You can add or subtract as many items as you want and come up with the perfect hamper to earn the smiles that you truly deserve.

Can I Give My Clients an Xmas Hamper?

Sure! Handing out Xmas hampers to your clients showcases your love and care for them. It reminds them that you haven’t forgotten them in merry moments. Imagine the happiness and sense of gratitude your client will feel upon receiving a quality basket of Christmas goodies. Not only will it double the amount of pleasure, but also be a huge boost for your business.
Sharing the merriments of Christmas holidays with your prospects can help you soar in sales. Select the winter items with high practicality and add them to your basket along with a traditional drink and some snacks. Nothing better than the vintage combination of a perfect wine and luscious chocolates. You may also go for a top-drawer hamper which includes picnic items to add a touch of casual comfort and style.
Handing out Xmas hampers to your clients showcases how much you care for them. Choose the items that your clients will love and earn a special place for your company and yourself in their joyful memories. So whenever they will use your gifted items, they will be reminded of your company and the services that you offer. Ultimately, this will have a strong positive impact on them and they will definitely recommend your company to others. So what are you waiting for? Order one of our exquisite gift hampers to surprise your loved ones this festive season.

Do you offer wine gift hampers?

Well certainly! Our huge collection of wine hampers will hit the mark to harvest happiness. Make the best of your winters and merry moments by selecting our premium quality hampers. We source the best-quality wines with gourmet chocolates to give that vintage touch.
Every occasion calls for a good old drink to share the celebrations and Christmas is the ideal time to share your festivities with others through wine. Our quality wine gift hampers are a supreme representation of happy times and merry moments. Take a look at our white wine gift hampers that contain other snacks to munch along with supreme drinks. If you want a simple, old-style wine hamper with no extras, then we offer a range of red wine hamper. And if you want to go for a high-end collection then have a look at our classic hampers which contain bourbon and scotch.
Everyone loves the vintage touch a classic old wine brings and with that, the air of happiness and celebration. Making a toast this Christmas with best quality drinks in a fancy presentable way really adds up to the classic atmosphere. Hampers with Bite makes it possible for you to sit back and relax while having top-quality drink in the comfort of your living room to celebrate the cozy festivities.
Presenting you a hamper for every taste and budget, we turn your happy moments into ever memorable ones.

How do I choose a good Christmas hamper?

Want to impress your family and friends with a well-thought gift this Christmas? We got you covered. Make the right choice by selecting the items that your family will love. If you don’t have much of the clue as to what they would prefer, then go for items with high practicality.
Every occasion calls for a drink and sweets. Pairing them up with some Christmas tree accessories makes it an ideal choice for a gift. We bring you all sorts of hampers to choose from according to your taste and pocket. If you still aren’t satisfied, we provide the luxury to order a customised hamper with the items of your preference. Your relatives or friends might have dropped hints of their interests now and then. All you need to do is to rack your brains to look for their hobbies and interests to surprise them with a basket of their favorite things.
There is no particular definition for a ‘good Christmas hamper’. You can choose anything you want and pair it up with a classic drink. The countless choices that one has in building up an ideal Christmas gift basket are what makes it the perfect option to share celebration and happiness with your family and friends. We at Hampers with Bite ensure to multiply your smiles with our huge collection of Christmas products that go well together in a hamper.
For more information and other details regarding our splendid hampers collection, subscribe to our YouTube channel
"There is nothing better than watching the delighted faces of your loves ones while opening the presents"

Why choose a sweet hamper for celebration?

Sweetness and celebrations go well together since the beginning of time. We at Hampers with Bite tend to provide our customers with the latest trends as well as keep up with classic conventions. Choosing gourmet products and eateries are an ideal way to show your happiness and share your festivities with your loved ones. We want to provide our customers with choices that will not only make their loved ones happy but also make the buyers satisfied. The delightful options of sweets and chocolates ensures to steal the hearts of your loved ones.
Everyone loves food! Choosing food as your gift hamper will eliminate all risks of being disliked in any way and put biggest smiles on the recipients’ faces. The classic gourmet treats will enhance the sweetness of the occasion and double your happiness. A sweet hamper is sure to hit the excitement level of your desire and keeping that in mind, we offer a wide collection of all sorts of sweets and chocolates to pair up in your next Christmas hamper.
The ideal bonbons will not only add to the merry moments but also make your hamper stand out with its exquisite colours and styles. From bouquet styles to boxed ones, we offer various presentation ideas to simply wow your friends and family. There is nothing better than watching the delighted faces of your loves ones while opening the presents of their choices. So order our premium quality eateries and sweets right away to blow your recipients away and win over their hearts.

Do you deliver Australia wide?

Yes, we most certainly do! Our team of experts deliver Australia wide no matter what the order size is. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Darwin we promise to ship your order at your doorstep. Our efficient delivery services ensure the packaging to be sent safely. All you need to do is let us know your shipment address, and we will provide our best services.
If you’re not available at home, then we will leave the package somewhere safe where there are no chances of being damaged or stolen. If it is unsafe, then the package will be returned to depot and it will be reshipped mostly the next day. If the problem prevails, then our team will contact the sender and come up with a mutually agreed solution.
At Hampers with Bite, our quality services and cooperative staff will make it sure to provide you with what you ordered. Whatever the weather be, our energetic team members will deliver your package on expected time and with complete care. So, there’s no need to worry about your location across Australia, because we can reach every nook and corner efficiently to deliver what you desire. We make sure that every package reaches its owner safely, securely and on time.
To further clear up any confusion regarding product shipping, watch our video to have an exact idea.

Can I buy your hampers in bulk?

Yes sure. In fact, ordering bulk hampers is a piece of cake. All you have to do is fill up the bulk order form or mail us at sales@hamperswithbite.com.au and let us know your requirements. We would like to know the quantity of your hampers, the addresses they need to be delivered to and also, if you want to convey any special greeting or gift card message with them. You don’t have to worry about delivering the many hampers to each person because that’s what we’re here for. Our team of experts will do the work for you while you enjoy your holiday celebrations.
We specialise in bulk hamper orders for over 14 years. There is no order too big for us! No matter what the order size is, we pride in handling it with equal level of care and attention. Providing you the ease of delivery to multiple addresses, Hampers with Bite never compromises on quality. Bulk orders are as easy for us to manage as a single order. We ensure the large orders are delivered with absolute precision and care, providing our customers with the ease of delivery to multiple addresses. So just sit back and relax, and just order away what you need and let us know your details. Our efficient and energetic staff will ensure to satisfy you

Can I create my own hamper?

Definitely yes! We provide the luxury to customise your own collection of Christmas items, but only for bulk orders with more than 10 units. All we need from you is the ingredients of your preference. From champagne to chocolates, you may choose any brand and size. Also, we would like to know your packaging preference such as a glossy gift box, cooler bags or other such options.
Creating your own Christmas hamper sparks up your creativity and also, shows how well you know the receiver. Giving something custom always attracts more attention and love, showcasing your extra effort and care for your loved ones. Imagine the happiness they would feel upon receiving something that completely reflects their personality and is exactly what they need. Hampers with Bite ensures the best quality and amazing services to provide you comfort and ease.
Let us know what budget works for you the best and we will provide our premium quality services to help you celebrate your Christmas with full spirit. Still confused? Watch our video for creating your own hamper to have a clear idea.

Do you offer corporate branding?

Well guess what? We surely do! From cheese boards to wines to gift boxes to ribbons, we offer corporate branding on any item of your choice. Check out our huge variety of products available for any sort of branding. Ensuring vivid logo colours and clear, prominent messages, Hampers with Bite prides in offering exactly what you envision without compromising on quality. One of the most popular branded items is the ribbon. A customised ribbon wrapped around the hamper adds a professional touch to it.
With our exquisite branding techniques, your gift hamper will outshine others and surely mark its place in the receiver’s consciousness. We offer corporate branding to suit all sorts of tastes and budgets. Screen printing is one of the most reliable methods for quality branding, which involves embroidering or screen printing your company’s logo on our gift hampers, making them an ideal gift option to hand out to your clients. Our team of experts is committed to cater to every requirement down to the smallest details, making sure to deliver what you desire.
All we need is your preferred theme of colours and the logo or message which is to be imprinted, and we’ll take it from there. Imagine your gift not only putting the widest smiles on your loved ones’ faces but also promoting your company effectively. There is nothing more thoughtful and expressive than an appropriate branded hamper. Trust Hampers with Bite for its exceptional corporate branding services.
If you need some extra information on corporate branding services, click here to watch our video

Can I have a gift card with my hamper?

Definitely! Everyone loves a little extra effort done specially for them, and Christmas is all about greetings and gifts. No gift is ever complete without a fun card tagged along with it. We offer gift cards with all of our hampers which can be customized with the message of your choice. But for adding your branding on your cards, we charge as little as $1 per card. Never compromising on card stiffness and quality, we present to you an entire range of cards of every shape, size and style. You may choose any theme or colour that suits you.
Hampers with Bite will accompany you every step of the way to surprise your loved ones. With a loving message inside the hamper, adding a little greeting shows you’re ready to go an extra mile for your closest ones. You may choose any message imprinted on the card to show how much you care for them. Our whole range of trendy styles will absolutely blow you away. So, pick the right card and double their happiness a really well-thought gift hamper along with a gift card. This way, your recipients will know who sent them the hamper even if we deliver it at their doorstep.
Watch our video about gift cards to have your queries answered.

What are your branding costs?

Hampers with Bite is committed to provide you comfort in every way possible. The prices of hampers vary depending on what you order. However, we try our best to provide maximum services within your budget. Offering a wide range of hampers to fit every taste and price point, our costs for branding each item is different. Our team offers a flexible budget range for branding depending on what you can afford.
The cost, printing and branding fee, minimum quantity to order for each item is displayed on its specific branding page. You can get an idea of what it will cost you and analyse your spending limit. All you need to do is provide us with all specifications of branding requirements and budget, and our team of experts will take it from there.
If you’re looking for quality branding on your hampers, just fill in our branding inquiry form. We also need a file of your logo and Hampers with Bite will get to work ASAP!
"Our wide range offers the prices which you can afford."

Can I make amendments to my hamper?

Of course! We do offer the luxury to make changes to your hamper and have it tailor made according to what you have in mind. If you can’t look for what you expected, then let us customise what you envision. Hampers with Bite provides you the option to build your own gift basket adding a personalised touch to it. Presenting you with an exceptional range of products like nuts, chocolates, savory goods, wine and beer, you can have anything included in or excluded from your basket.
Apart from that, our wide range offers the prices which you can afford. Add in as many items as you want to your basket that best suits your spending limit. Our passionate team is ready to support you every step of the way from choosing the right products to pairing the right ingredients. All you have to do is let us know your budget, as we have something for everyone. Whether you need a glossy gift box or a picnic chest, select your preferred packaging from our huge variety of designs and presentation options.
Our 14 years of experience of gourmet hampers with beautiful packaging and unparalleled services will absolutely stun you. Our professional team will help you make the right choice and guide you all the way through. We understand the budgeting limits of our customers and are pleased to cooperate with them to find the ideal customized hamper to cater to all their needs.

What comes in my hamper?

Hampers with Bite makes it sure to provide all sorts of comfort to its clients. We provide a list of all the included items as well as the complete descriptions of each item along with the hamper to give an idea of what’s inside. You can read the details of each hamper before purchasing it to completely satisfy yourself. Our exquisite variety of gift hampers and our deep consideration of our clients is a staunch evidence of our professionalism and loyalty to our clients.
Happy clients are the best – our motto for over a decade. We make sure to send our customers the deepest pleasures and genuine smiles, who turn back to us year after year to buy our premium quality hampers to send love to their families and friends every festive season. We are always ready to go an extra mile and provide perfection to even the smallest services to show our attention to detail. Selecting the quality ingredients for a perfect basket, packing it in a supreme and vibrant packaging, securing it in the safest boxes and delivering it on time right at your doorstep, our team specialises in all services and accompanies you through the way.

How long will my order take?

Time is money. At Hampers with Bite, the efficient and energetic staff ensures to dispatch the deliveries as soon as possible. In case of bulk orders, the delivery is made in just a couple of days depending on the distance it has to travel to reach you. Our sincere recommendation to you is to order as early as possible so you may receive them on time as Christmas is a really busy time of the year.
We make it possible to surprise your loved ones this holiday season to share your celebrations. The amazing assortment of Xmas hampers is an ideal way to share your love and happiness with your family and friends. You may receive your gift as early as the very next day or as late as a couple of days. Our team prides in providing the fastest shipping and supreme quality products.
The efficient delivery services and great quality items is what Hampers with Bite is all about. So put your trust in us for elevating your festivities tenfold.

How do you keep hampers safe in transit?

Hampers with Bite ensures to deliver the best quality of products safely and securely. For that, we use a combination of multiple tissue paper, pillows, ice packs and carefully place the products inside the hamper. And we also use a reliable courier source that will ship your products exactly how you picture them. If in any case, your hamper is damaged by the time it reaches you, contact our team right away and we’ll do our best to acknowledge it and resolve the issue.
Our clients’ trust is the most important thing to us and we do everything in power to keep up that trend. Providing the best hampers in perfect condition and ensuring an on-time delivery is what we specialize in. Choosing us as your gift source will be an honor for us to prove our high-quality services and premium selection of products. The happiness we put on our clients’ faces is exactly what we live for. Keeping the products safe and packaging them securely, we make sure to deliver them in the supreme condition exactly how you’ve seen them on our website. At Hampers with Bite, we only use the most trustable courier services for an instant and safe delivery.
Still need a bit of more clearance? Watch our video right here to have an idea of our secure services.

Do you offer tracking for your hampers?

Yes of course! For every hamper that is to be delivered, you will receive a confirmation email at first to ensure the validity of your order. The email will also provide you with a tracking number for your ease once your order has been dispatched. In case you have ordered a bulk amount that you have dealt with our sales team directly, you may get your tracking number by simply contacting them via phone.
Our team of experts ensures to provide the efficient services with attention to detail. The amazing quality of our products and trustable services will surely amaze you. Hampers with Bite specializes in satisfying its customers in every way with our professionalism and going an extra mile to put smiles on their faces. The tracking number will help you keep check of your delivery and ensures it safely reaches you. Packaging in the safest way and delivering through a reliable source improves our clients’ trust in us.
We pride in promising the exquisite utilities and ease to our customers for our continuous improvement and keeping up with the evolving trends.